Who We Are

The OpenSpace Team

At the core of the Rockwall OpenSpace team are John Middleton, Garret Carruth, Matt Arnett, and Nicholas Licalsi.

John has been working in project management for 12 years. He hopes to see Rockwall OpenSpace become a launch pad for entrepreneurial projects, creative collaborations, and social projects.

Matt Arnett has a calling to minister and guide people toward their God given purpose and potential. He has a gift of speech, showing love and mentoring people in all sorts of stages of life. Not only has Matt been a big part of us growing and staying on track, but he will be a wonderful blessing to our members.

Garret is a dedicated business owner who brings lots of energy wherever he goes. He is the guy you want when action needs to be taken. Currently operating three local business in the Rockwall area, Garret brings experience he wants to pass on to our members and other entrepreneurs.

Nicholas is a creative freelance writer, novelist, and entrepreneurially minded. His biggest desire is to see others succeed and achieve their business goals.

The four of us were familiar with the concept of coworking and liked the idea of working together in a creative, focused environment. This space is a way to bring the unique experience of coworking to Rockwall. This is the reason we decided to do whatever we could to bring OpenSpace to the Rockwall area.

Serving Rockwall from Rockwall

We believe that Rockwall natives have specific needs. Rockwall OpenSpace can serve our city in a way that a coworking space downtown can't. By bringing a coworking space to Rockwall we will save our neighbors from the long commute to the metroplex.

Supporting and promoting local Rockwall businesses such as tea artisans, coffee roasters, breweries, artists, farmers and local musicians is another way we plan to enrich the local community and industries. Additionally, we intend to create a family friendly environment of which you and the City of Rockwall will be proud.

If you need to connect with local business owners to grow your business, then OpenSpace is the place to do it. Do you want to engage with a community of local business professionals? Then Rockwall OpenSpace should be your starting point. When you want to get more work done through accountability with other professionals, then OpenSpace is a supportive community for that.

OpenSpace is a Space for You

Rockwall OpenSpace is a space for anyone who wants to take part in a community of people looking out for each other and the town. Rockwall OpenSpace is a professional, creative and productive environment where you can enrich your network and find quality collaborators. Our focus is providing small companies, individual workers, and creatives with a way to connect people who are striving for excellence, meaning and purpose in their work.

Using our coworking facilities lets you leverage an office without taking on the risks associated with a traditional lease. It provides access to office amenities like printers, conference rooms, coffee and a first class tea shop downstairs. If you want to learn from others and share your expertise with like-minded people, then you will fit in at Rockwall OpenSpace.

The story of Rockwall OpenSpace is just beginning. We are gaining followers fast and looking for new and inspiring people to work with every day. If you need a peaceful space to work here in Rockwall, Texas, then give us a call or reserve your spot online.