The Tanna Group

Niki Trentacosta

Helping Texas small businesses and start-ups scale with benefits packages that attract great people.

Niki's ten years of industry experience covers employee relations, human resources, and insurance consulting in the various industries.  She is versed in insurance design and employee communication.  Niki is an active member of the Dallas Association of Health Underwriters (DAHU).

Licenses include Life Accident Health Insurance through the Texas Department of Insurance as well as self funding certification through National Association of Health Underwriters and a Fundamental Payroll Certification through The American Payroll Association.

When Niki is not building The Tanna Group, her time is spent cooking, working out, and keeping her alpaca farm running. Some of Niki's favorite time is spent with her husband and two children at farmer's markets and local parks.

I do truly appreciate the offering that I receive from Rockwall OpenSpace. I know that I don’t come into the office much, but it gives me great peace of mind knowing I can reserve a creative space if I need it. Being a small business myself, it can be hard to find a quiet space to be creative sometimes. Rockwall OpenSpace is a great opportunity and gives me peace of mind to know I can go there if I need. I know you will always be there to collaborate and give me quite space depending on my needs. Thanks!