John Middleton

I started OpenSpace after 16 years of working from home as a project manager with remote teams. Working across time-zones and oceans. So I already knew the power of working virtually.

As a father young with homeschool kids, I found myself struggling when working from home. I needed a place to work without interruption, but the company office, and the coworking spaces were at least an hour or more away in Dallas or North Plano. I didn't want to commute again, but I did want some coworkers. So my wife and I took some money we set aside for investing and used it as seed money to start OpenSpace.

I've found coworking to be super helpful and way more flexible than I had imagined or seen in the hundreds of coworking spaces that were poppin' up around the country. The benefits of coworking aren't limited by physical location either. From the beginning I had friends all over that would meet virtually, but it seemed like in person was the key

Covid-19 changed that big time. No-one could physically come in for over a year. The online relationships we had made became like a lifeline and developed into a strong community of friends who meet regularly to work and make progress on our goals or just check up on each other and keep each other company.  (check out the virtual-coworking community here)

Now that things are opening back up we haven't lost anything and we found new ways to stay connected. We are a collection of writers, web designers, programmers, entrepreneurs,  and students of various types banding together for support and encouragement.

Now that things are opening up, we meet virtually via zoom or in person but we've got new perspective on the world of coworking.