Simplicity in Life

Gabrielle Pirrone
September 21, 2023

Life has become so hectic, practically chaotic. The simplicity of yonder years really sounds so refreshing to me.

Where are the days of -

Taking the time to catch up with friends and family, long phone calls, dinner parties & socials, playing outside, cooking and baking together - Living life together!

Have we, in this day and age, become more isolated by our technology and more overly concerned with “self” and our curated image, than experiencing life together in real time?

Thinking about others, or putting others first is not important or seen as necessarily normal anymore.

Even if you don't have social media, the idea and effects of it stick in the back of your mind. The idea of having everything to be a perfect aesthetic and needing to be so in tune with trends is exhausting and frankly quite expensive.

I find myself getting caught up in these trivial matters but simultaneously feel a deep yearning for a simpler way of moving through my life. Even though I do want life to be more simple, it is so hard to ignore and not partake in the ways of most of modern society.

The statement “less is more” I think is quite accurate. I feel overwhelmed when I'm around lots of clutter. The sense of being overwhelmed takes over the sense of appreciation of the items around you. When you have fewer things, you can certainly appreciate them more because there isn't so much (or rather too much) to focus on.  

It seems that when you need to rely on things you own, you own less. When you don't have to rely on those things, you own more. I think that's interesting.

Gabrielle Pirrone